Diamond Shapes

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There are several quality diamond shapes these days.
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An expert cutter has diamond shapes for each occasion that can pull out the best qualities of the gemstone and improve worth. That being said, we are going to cover a few of the most common shapes that you will encounter when gemstone shopping.

Quality Diamond Shapes Include:

Pear Shaped
Princess Reduce
Oval Shaped
Emerald Cuts
Heart Shaped
Asscher Cut
What is the perfect diamond shape? Well which is determined by the gemstone itself and exactly what the intended setting or make use of is. A diamonds shape may hide imperfections and bring out the very best in quality and value if cut by an expert.
Pear Designed Diamonds
The pear shaped precious stone is just as it sounds, a popular stone form that resembles a pear for the reason that it is more robust near the bottom plus thinner on top and results in the rich brilliance and brings out color well.

Marquise Cut Diamond
A marquise cut stone has the seem of a tear drop and is most commonly associated with engagement or wedding bands for women. The diameter of the precious stone is thickest in the center and yes it creates a radiant brilliance that is perfect for a featured stone in an establishing.

Princess Cut
A princess cut gemstone can also be known as a quadrillion. If you look directly down upon the top of a princess cut shaped diamond it resembles a square having a great deal of depth. This shape, combined with the marquise is commonly used by jewelers since it catches the light brilliantly and creates an excellent featured gemstone on a band setting.

Oval Shaped
An oval shaped gemstone gets its title from its shape. An oval gemstone cannot be fully bonded, but remains a very popular cut. Typical oval gem stones do not hide flaws well as well as the shape can reduce the value of your diamond.

Round diamonds resemble their own oval cousins but are almost a perfect circle if you look straight at the gemstone. This is a very outstanding cut and features a flawless jewel very well.

Emerald Cuts
The emerald shape is most commonly associated with the emerald green gemstone. It is a rectangle shaped reduce that is an excellent choice when you are trying to accentuate the natural color of your own precious stone at the expense from the brilliance.

Heart Shaped
A heart formed gemstone has become more popular recently plus features a shape resembling a heart. The particular cut itself has its disadvantages to both value and quality of the diamond but it has an apparent symbolism that can overcome such factors.

Asscher Cut
The Asscher cut for a diamond was invented within 1902 in Holland and has become quite popular. It is a staircased square cut shape that is becoming very popular regarding wedding rings as well. A large carat diamond is required for best results in the setting but the results can be stunning.

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