Purchasing Diamonds Online – Is It Right For You?

Amazing, what a great concept of buying diamond jewelry online! Who could have thought of such a novel idea? The person who came up with the idea of taking loose diamonds and putting them on the Internet must be a genius! Imagine buying diamonds online, it’s never been done before! Or even has it?

Back to the future!
If we returned in time about 100 years ago, the cutting edge of retailing was a large thick book that most households acquired and in addition to the Bible, this was probably the most read book in most homes. If a new edition of this book was distributed, everyone couldn’t wait to obtain their hands on it! Inside of this guide was a whole world of new plus exciting concepts never before seen by many people of its readers. People could find good quality farm implements, the newest of appliances, and even entire houses. The book? The Sears catalog.

R. W. Sears was not the first person to have a catalog and offer goods through the email. The concept goes back hundreds of years. But it had been Sears that improved on the system and he built an empire about this form of retailing.

What is the attraction of buying diamonds online?
Probably the most obvious cause buying diamonds online has become more commonplace is because of the lower prices associated with diamonds online to comparable gemstones being offered at local diamond jewelry shops. But an important safety element to buying diamonds online is the GIA diamond grading system along the diamond grading reports that most diamonds come with nowadays.

The Wild West of retailing?
The Internet is an amazing place, you can travel the world without leaving the home! Just as you have to use judgment within where to shop in the “real world” you also need to use proper judgment of where to shop when purchasing diamonds online. The Internet is starting to mature but there are still some fundamental things you must do to avoid having an internet transaction turning out to be a bad experience.

You need to be a smart consumer!
I say this particular because we are dealing with a product that is like buying a TV but it is also not like a TV. Huh? OKAY, I’ll explain, if I am thinking of buying a new TV, I’ll go to the electronic devices store, learn about all the features, evaluate the pictures of each TV, and find a nice model that I like. I might buy it in the store or I am going to write down the model number, Factors . check around at other stores, and then check the pricing on the Internet. The way you go shopping for diamonds starts off the same but it become difficult to “shop around” because there are no model numbers. TVs are made so that every model comes off the set up line exactly the same. Because diamonds are a bit different you will need to do your homework before going think about buying diamonds online.

five Tips for buying diamonds online –

Tip #1 – Get a Functioning Knowledge About Diamonds- This does not imply that you will have to become an expert about expensive diamonds but before you consider buying diamonds on-line you should understand the basics. Three from the 4Cs are pretty easy to understand nevertheless it comes to the Cut it begins to be more complex.

Tip #2 – Diamond Grading Reports Are a Must- There are only a few different diamond grading reports that will help you when buying diamonds online. GIA, AGS, and GCAL would be the only reports that I would feel comfortable recommending for buying diamonds on the web. I say this because these diamond grading reports do have a “Cut Grade” which is extremely valuable when creating a blind purchase like this.
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There is a slight difference how they go about accomplishing this but I would tend to prefer the AGS and GCAL reports because they directly measure the optical efficiency of the gemstone.

Tip #3 – Judge an internet Retail Like You Would a Local Diamonds Retailer- For a number of years I was a traveling Sales Rep for a Manhattan dependent jewelry manufacturer. Because I needed to visit many jewelry stores on a regular basis I ended up being able to quickly “size up” a jewelry store right after visiting many hundreds of diamond jewelry shops. Some of the key indicators were the particular decals on their front doors suggesting membership in different industry associations, the information listed in their yellow page advertisements, the diplomas / awards that were hanging on the walls, or the quality and quantity of the diamond jewelry that were in their showcases. You will need to do a comparable judgment about any online diamond retailer that you are considering. Don’t be misled by a lot of pretty pictures plus graphics because in a matter of 45 minutes anybody could put up a website that could appearance exactly like the best of the online diamond retailers. Pay careful attention to the “About Us” page, it can tell you a great deal and read all of the fine print around the “Policies” page. Try to stick with the best, well known online diamond retailers.

Suggestion #4 – Decide on Your Budget- If you have a clear idea of what is a comfortable amount to spend on your diamond(s) then it will help you make decisions on what will be the most important qualities you need to have in your diamond(s). With the 4Cs when you adjust among the Cs you can then adjust one of the other Cs. Your money will always be well spent when you try to keep the Cut of the diamond as high as possible within your budget.

Suggestion #5 – Use a Credit Card- By using a credit card it will give you some security in the transaction. The credit card companies perform give you some additional clout if you want to solve some problems if they are came across. Some of the big online diamond merchants are now started to offer a bit of a low cost if you use a wire transfer since it saves them the price of a credit card digesting fee. If you feel comfortable with the company, then you may save a few additional dollars.

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