Seaside Volleyball Rules

Beach volleyball rules can be quite intricate. It seems like just a fun game on the seaside, but there is much more to it compared to that. Here are some of the most common seaside volleyball rules:

You can actually go completely under the net to your opponent’s side as long as you do not have any contact in the other team.

Even if a golf ball has gone over or under the online or outside the antenna, you can enjoy it back to your side as long as your team has a contact left and the ball is played back underneath the net or outside the antenna.

When the ball is a hard driven surge, you can double hit the ball to dig it out. A hand is allowed in this case.

Other than in the case of a hard driven spike, you are able to never double hit a golf ball on the first contact.
You can use most parts of your body to play the golf ball.

If you are serving you have to toss the particular ball before contacting it to serve it. If you toss it, consider it served.

You cannot move the court boundaries during the serve. This is even true if the sand changes during serving.

Each team within college volleyball is allowed three contacts. If you touch the wedge it is considered to be one of your contacts.

If you are using a setting motion to hit the particular ball over the net, you have to hit the particular ball in the direction that your shoulder blades are facing. This can be to the entrance or the back. The exception would be if you were side setting to your partner.

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