Bed Pillows For Comfortable & Sound Sleep

You are feeling lazy in the office and unable to focus on your work because of the heaviness in the mind. This is because you are not having a sound rest at night. One of the reasons for not having a great sleep can be uncomfortable bed pillow. So shop for the one that fits your own size & gives comfort for your neck & head while sleeping.

You will be amazed to know that earlier the cushions were only served to the rich people. Hay, fibers were used to rest the head. But nowadays the story is completely different. Bed pillows are common to see in every home. In addition to normal pillows you will also find anti snoring cushion, body pillows, reading pillows, quick sleep bed pillows, buckwheat hul cushions foe bed & bedding furniture as well as for your personal need. So there is a huge variety of bed pillows in fact it is not difficult to find the right one.

Types of Cushions by Size & Shape

Body Pillows:
These are just made according to the size of your body and it changes with your body & acquires the same shape. Very comfortable and more commonly used during pregnancy. So also called maternity pillow. Body pillow gives support to your spinal cord.
Bolster Pillow:
Cylindrical fit and use for decoration. These are also called tube or neck roll pillows. The size can vary for single & double bed.
European Pillows:
All the traditional rectangular or square pillows are European pillows that provide ultimate ease. You can find Eurofeather, foam or cotton. The size of these can end up being medium & large.
King Pillow:
The size of the fantastic king pillow is in accord with king size bed. You will find these made from cotton or various other soft fabric. These are really quite comfortable. On the other hand if you have queen dimension bed then go for the california king pillow.
Neckroll Pillows:
Neckroll cushions are perfect for your neck. This will rest on your shoulders so that your neck gets the comfort.
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These are mostly used in cervical pain.
Reading Pillows:
Should you have the habit of reading your guide or magazine in the bed then you definitely must not miss the reading cushion. It can be used as armrest, stabilizer so that as book holder. You can also use them within sofas while reading. There is large variety of colors & fabrics from which reading pillows are made.
Standard Cushions:
Most widely used and can be used on any size of bed from king, california king to full-sized bed. You will find cushion to have size between 20 ins to 26 inches.
Some Unique Kinds of Bed Pillows
Anti-snoring pillow
If you are a person who snores very loudly & disturbs other’s sleep then you must buy anti-snoring pillows for yourself. These are made in such a way that your jaw can be positioned on the particular pillow to keep it open for the atmosphere to pass while you are sleeping. This will help to consider sound sleep.
Buckwheat-Hull Pillows
The buckwheat hull pillow keep altering its shape because of the filling. This enables enough air to remain inside, therefore it always remain fluffy. Your throat & shoulder tightness can be treated to a large extent by using this.
Hypoallergenic Cushion
If you are allergic to dust, mould or mites then buy the hypoallergenic pillow for you. Cotton, wool, polyester or other organic fibers are used as a fill to make these.
Lumbar Pillow
You are traveling to much possibly by train or by car and every time you travel you needed a severe back ache. Then this time do not forget to buy a lumbar cushion for you. It is a rectangular shaped pillow that is used behind your lower back. You may also use it at your bed if you sits for a long time.
Bed Pillow Filling
The filling decides the quality. It can be artificial, feather, memory foam, fibers or 100 % cotton. For synthetic filling synthetic polymers and fibers are used. These are actually soft and range between $9 -$90.

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