Marcasite Jewellery Has Class!

If you are after stunning jewellery without the diamond price tag, then Marcasite is the gem for you.
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Marcasite jewellery has been decorating the beautiful, rich and popular throughout history. It has been discovered in the particular burial grounds of the ancient Inca in Latin America and story even tells that Cleopatra himself wore Marcasite, as she considered this stunning natural element included the power to preserve her beauty plus stay the signs of aging.

More recently, jewelry containing Marcasite was particularly well-known during the 18th and 19th centuries in Britain. After the death associated with her husband Albert, Queen Victoria was often seen wearing Marcasite jewellery, as this stone, combined with its silver setting, gave her a sombre, mournful air, whilst still retaining the class and sophistication expected from a strong and effective queen. Marcasite jewellery continued to be highly fashionable until the end of the artwork deco period and still remains a popular choice to this day.

Marcasite jewellery really is the particular unsung hero of beautiful jewellery collection, and brings a touch of class to any occasion, without costing the earth!

Over the years there have been some amazing pieces of Marcasite jewellery created by experienced and gifted craftsmen. Most Marcasite is faceted as a flat bottomed and many sided pyramid and it has a reliable dark metallic lustre with many gleaming mirror-like facets.

If you are buying Marcasite pieces then here are a few tips.

Check the stone is mounted in Silver by finding the makers sterling silver hallmark.

Check how the stone is set. When it is glued, the chances are it is more recent and less valuable. Skilled jewellers would have used “bead setting” which involves curling a tiny section of the base over the stone to secure it in place.

Care of Marcasite Jewellery

As with any other precious pieces it is important to care for your Marcasite jewellery, to ensure it remains undamaged and looking its best.

Try out wiping it gently with a soft, clean damp cloth then immediately dry with another clean, gentle and absorbent cloth, making sure the piece in entirely dry all through.
Never use a steamer, hot water or even sonic cleaner or soak your Marcasite jewellery in water.
Be mindful not to expose it to any chemical substances, cleaning products of extremes of heat, as this can cause irreparable damage.
What is Marcasite anyway?

Marcasite will be the mineral iron disulphide (FeS2) that is created by forming crystals in 2 distinct ways, one creates pyrite, also known as Fool’s Gold and the other styles Marcasite. Although Marcasite has the exact same chemical formula as pyrite. Because of it being created under different conditions, it has a much less stable crystal structure. Ironically, when purchasing a pair of Marcasite earrings, they will really be made using the stronger pyrite, since marcasite’s unstable crystal structure helps it be far too delicate to use, it would basically crumble and break.

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