The particular Smoking Ban and Discarded Smoke Butts

The smoking ban has created a better environment for all of us.
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But its introduction has had several unforeseen side effects; outside many buildings where smokers now congregate, an unsightly build up of discarded smoke butts can often be seen.

Many cafes, bars and restaurants have set up ashtrays but often they are as well small and they soon over movement and the discarded cigarette butts finish up falling on the floor.

Smoking bins really are a far more practical solution, especially with the smoking ban meaning that more and more pubs, pubs and restaurants have a normal crowd of people outside the doors. Unlike normal litter bins and waste materials bins, a smoking bin is made to allow the cigarette to be safely stubbed out before it is discarded.

These cigarette bins are also able to hold considerable amounts of cigarette ends and can cope with the demands of a busy restaurant or bar. They are also made from metallic to prevent any poss

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