The Clean Dog Water Bowl can be Fundamental to the Health of Your Puppy

A puppy water bowl is the most vital item you will get for your dog.
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A dog can have no food for days but can only go a few hours without water just before dehydrating.

You need to know the importance of a few items before getting a water bowl. You are how much water does your friend require a day and two is how many times a day you can fill and clean it.

An important thing to know is how much water your buddy will need. An average a dog needs 1 cup of water for every 5 pounds of weight.

A large dog might weigh 100 pounds, that would imply they need 20 cups of water within their dog water bowl a day. I actually don’t think a large dog bowl can hold that much water. On the other hand a small doggie who weighs 15 pounds just needs 3 cups of water per day.

The selections for dog water containers are stainless steel, plastic, or ceramic. Stainless steel dog bowls are the types most chosen. They do not break quickly, they are not porous so no bacteria can build up in cracks or unseen areas, and they are easy to clean.

Now you need to think of the time you will be house to refill and clean your pup water bowl. If you have a large doggie you will need to be there to clean plus refill there bowl a few times per day. If this does not work for you there are automatic dog waterers that you can buy.

A single very good automatic one is the petmate fresh flow. This comes in 2 sizes. The jumbo one keeps roughly 25 cups of water, that is great for a large dog. The regular size holds enough water for a little dog to drink out of for a few days.

After you fill the petmate fresh new flow it pumps the water via a filter continuously so it stays spending fresh all day. The water comes down a chute and into a bowl for your dog to drink.

Remember it is vital that the dog water bowl is clean and filled for the size of your dog. Standing water can cause parasites in your dog.

I have a good size puppy who drinks about 18 cups of water a day. He has a large doggy bowl that is also a raised doggie bowl. I use stainless steel and observe that after a few drinks a film builds up and the water bowl needs to be cleansed. For me it is not a problem I am home to clean my dog water dish and the splashes he makes on the floor.

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