5 Popular Social Media Platforms for Company

Social media marketing is the best way to introduce people to your brand. It is an excellent medium to market your brand to potential customers. Building brand awareness is very valuable to any business. Many online shoppers find product information from social media networks and accordingly their shopping behavior is influenced and it helps create brand loyalty. Research says that social networking networks are platforms where consumers discover new brands, services and products.

Benefits of Social Media Platforms

o One can find a raise in sales and revenue by means of social media marketing. Use of these platforms may directly attract customers to improve sales.

o Posts can be written about one`s business with links to their companies sales to their fans. Marketers may sell products to target audiences with promotional content and advertisements across social media platforms. The greatest benefit of this particular marketing is its ability to focus on particular audiences.

o Social networks come with an extensive knowledge of consumer demographics and their interests. This helps marketers focus on the right people with a right message.

The particular five most important social media platforms for your business would be:


This is the most often used social media platform across the internet with about 945 million users. Being the largest networking site, it offers features to connect and share content. Here, the business owners can set up a Facebook page for their brands plus business to interact with people. They should start posting about their products to the targeted consumers. Many marketing organizations and marketers will know how to gain success in these pages on their power of knowledge like:

-by coming up with the very best market plan for your target team

-How many times to post per day

-knowledge of specific hours of the day regarding better customer engagement

-Whether the audience reacts better to photos, video clips or text posts

-should the particular conversation be friendly or within a business tone


The improvements posted on this social network has 140 character tweet limit and is ranked the best for marketing and business messages sent in the form of tweets to increase your business visibility.
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Business owners can monitor the conversations of people about their own business or those related to them.


Communities are very strong with this medium and business leaders ought to find a community related to their company and interact with people through wealthy texts and relevant keywords. Your company brand must have a Google+ page with your reports and profile description.


This offers space to get companies to expand their business to a different audience mainly professionals using a powerful profile page. You should set up your organization page with details of your company`s activities. The important feature of this system is starting a group and you can established a group around your business to promote your company.


Many companies promote them selves excellently on Instagram through publishing original and creative images. Manufacturers that use Instagram are becoming very popular for his or her interesting visual content and integrating most popular hashtags in their posts.

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